Train The Trainer

Business Service Center Forum (BSCF) powered by AmCham actively contributes to the improvement of education in Slovakia. One of its activities supporting this intention is organization of special courses for university teachers, called Train the Trainer.

Train the Trainer is an annual series of interactive workshops especially designed for university teachers and professors to bring innovative approaches and methods from the business environment into the education process. The program, organized since 2011, is designed for teachers and each session is focused on a certain area of needed improvement, such as soft skills in the past year. In 2016, for the first time, there was an upgraded version of the program, so-called Train the Trainer 2.It was designed for the most active teachers from the previous Train the Trainer program and consisted of 6 interactive workshops, run throughout the month of June.

Special thanks goes to the AmCham BSCF members BPP, IBM, PwC, AT&T, LafargeHolcim and Mondelez for enabling their experts to participate in the program and share their expertise with the university teachers.

The Train the Trainer 2 included 18 teachers from 3 universities. Discussed topics included verbal and non-verbal communication, feedback, time management, customer excellence, project management, process improvement or catching the attraction of the audience.

At the end of the program, participants gave presentations on what they would implement in their education process.


What do the participants say about the event?  

  “This course belongs to one of the best workshops I have been to, the learnings from which I will surely apply at my work. The lecturers were encouraging and I would certainly be glad if I could continue to work with them.”

“I liked especially the practical part, in which we dealt with different roles. I will use similar examples with subjects focusing on logistics and marketing in my seminars.”

“A fantastic lecturer, a fantastic presentation and focus on engaging the participants. I was interested in literally everything and managed to gain various inspirations. This seminar should be attended by all the teachers, so that they can leverage from the learnings and start to apply them in their education process!”

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