BSC Forum Launches the first accredited course at the University of Economics

Skills for success - from University to Workplace” is the title of the first accredited course initiated by the Business Service Center Forum and supported by the American Chamber of Commerce, now open for students of the Faculty of Business Management at the University of Economics in Bratislava. The course runs on a weekly basis during the winter semester and is led by professional trainers from the companies that are members of the BSC Forum, with the aim to improve the competitiveness of Slovak students on the labor market. In the future, BSCF wants to extend the course to other faculties and universities as well.

Soft skills are very often underrated in the Slovak education system. Students who after graduation start to work, tend to have good expertise in their field, but they lack a full set of soft skills that are also necessary for the successful functioning in business. This is the scenario all companies that are members of the BSC Forum encounter, and therefore decided to invest in creating a new accredited subject that would help students be more successful in their career. Students thus have the chance to gain a whole set of skills that are not taught elsewhere.

Time management, team work, verbal and non-verbal communication, conflict resolution and mindset, presentation skills or feedback are the main skills students of the University of Economics, Faculty of Business Management, have a chance to develop during six sessions lasting for 180 minutes each. The course is being run in the winter semester and is primarily open to students of the fourth and fifth grade but applications from lower grades were also considered.

This is the first course of this kind organized by the BSC Forum with the cooperation of several large companies. The BSCF’s plans for the future are clear – to extend the existing course to other faculties, other universities as well as to create new interesting courses. The aim is to reach as many students as possible – as they are the future job seekers in the BSCs – and to improve the competitiveness of Slovak students on the labor market.

Are you student looking for job opportunities?

Take the chance to meet people who already work in international companies, listen to their success stories and recommendations and learn something new that might help you at a job interview or your transition from university to workplace! The knowledge you’ll gain at the classes can be leveraged also during your studies – pass your verbal exams with perfect presentation skills or use the tricks of effective verbal communication! Stay tuned as we plan to continue with course in the coming semesters. Follow BSCF or Faculty of Business Management on Facebook to get latest updates.

More information about the course can be found here

BSCF which functions within the American Chamber of Commerce represents more than 25 000 employees working in shared services centers and external providers of business services in Slovakia. By creation of this accredited course the corporations show they not only say what needs to be improved but actively contribute to the improvement of education in the Slovak republic.