First year of the AmCham BSCF course "Train the Trainer" in Košice

Representatives from companies associated in the Business Service Center Forum (BSCF) of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic (AmCham) offered 26 teachers of four universities in Košice a course focused on soft skills, aimed at providing teachers with a set of effective soft skills as well as bringing innovative approaches and methods into the education process at universities.

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Diversity Charter in Slovakia

Sixteen major companies and two non-profit organizations, together covering over 22.000 employees, officially bound to the principles of diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination, by signing the first Diversity Charter in Slovakia on May 30th, 2017. Slovakia is the fifteenth country in the EU in which employers have access to a Diversity Charter. This is a very significant milestone that we all are very proud of.

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What does the young generation think of SSCs?

In order to find out how students perceive shared services centers, we paid a visit to one university and decided to ask them directly for an opinion. We were curious about what they thought of the term „shared services centers“ or „business services centers“ and whether they have any idea what these offer in terms of jobs or career development.We also asked students currently working in our BSCs about whether their perception has changed in time. Watch this video for a very interesting outcome:

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Business Service Centers Conference In Bratislava 30.11.2016

2nd Panel

We are bringing you the second part of the annual Business Services Centers conference at which the panelists included the state secretary of Ministry of Economy, the founder of BiznesPolska and the head of SSC in Henkel Slovakia. The discussed topics included the current focus of BSCs, their priorities and vision for the future.


Three years ago, after some initial discussions between the Ministry of Economy and AmCham, the Ministry agreed to prepare a conceptual package of measurements that would help the BSCs operate in Slovakia.

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Business Service Centers Conference In Bratislava 30.11.2016

1st Panel
AmCham held a Business Service Center Forum in Bratislava at the end of last year, an event that brought together shared service centers (SSC), business process outsourcing (BPO), government, European Commission and academia. The goal of BSCF and its second annual conference was to raise awareness of this significant industry sector which has emerged in Slovakia since the .beginning of the 21st century and currently employs over 30K in a skilled and educated work force with a double the average salary of the Slovak economy. The whole event was dedicated to the topic: Are we going to lead or catch up?

In the first panel we discussed how BSCs have changed from 2015, what are the main industries BSCs fall into and what is their most valuable asset. 

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Business Service Centers Conference

"Business Service Centers in Slovakia beyond 2020: Are we going to lead or catch-up?"

Panelists from the business community, government, European Commission and academia will seek to identify ways Slovakia can differentiate itself from other European countries in terms of support of the BSC sector. Current challenges of business-academic cooperation, with the skillset of the talent pool in SSCs and BPOs in mind, will also be addressed.

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Train The Trainer

Business Service Center Forum (BSCF) powered by AmCham actively contributes to the improvement of education in Slovakia. One of its activities supporting this intention is organization of special courses for university teachers, called Train the Trainer.

This year The Train the Trainer 2 included 18 teachers from 3 universities. Discussed topics included verbal and non-verbal communication, feedback, time management, customer excellence, project management, process improvement or catching the attraction of the audience.

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Business Service Centers questionnaire

Every year all member of BSCf participate on a questionnaire to provide reliable data on the the status quo of the BSC sector in Slovakia.

Objective of the survey is to collect information which will present BSC industry externally, mostly to the government officials. The survey should provide answers who we are, what type of activities we are doing, what is attractive on our industry, in another words why politicians should support us at least same way if not better then they support automotive industry today.

You can download the results of the questionnaire here.

Business Service Centers are growing in Slovakia

The Business Service Center Forum (BSCF) brings together shared service centers (SSC) and business process outsourcing (BPO) providers operating in Slovakia.

BSC forum (BSCf) represents 25 000 employees in Slovakia and for a decade BSCs have operated very successfully here.

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FDI Conference January 2016


During Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Conference which took place in Bratislava on January 28th

Rastislav Chovanec (State Secretary of Ministry of Economy in SR)

commented that Government wants the BSCs to become the 2nd pillar of

Slovak economy.

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